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Special bleet: Latest leadership research

By Juliet Hammond, LIW Business Impact Consultant

Top CEOs announce a shift in focus from shareholders to a broader set of stakeholders which could drive real change. McKinsey urges us to ensure we think about individual mindsets when leading an organisational transformation, and research shows learning creates new pathways in the brain so we need to experiment, practice and learn to embed new behaviours. Great leadership has humility at its heart and is led by strong values. Physical intelligence is about getting the chemical balance right to deliver strength, flexibility, resilience and endurance.  Tired teams need encouragement so give them clear direction, acknowledge their impact and recognise high energy. And while AI is enhancing people’s working lives, HR is the last function to be involved in AI strategy development – time to catch up!

What does this mean for leadership?

Leaders keep themselves and their squads up to date on the latest thinking so click here for links to all the research highlighted above!

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