About Us - The Australian Grocery Academy
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About Us

What if together we could lift our collective performance? What if our best and brightest were inspired to stay longer in our industry and produced even stronger results with our retail partners and for our businesses?

Now we’ve built out a new initiative to help us deliver just that.  A new program to accelerate the development and performance of our best talent, and encourage them to stay with us longer.

The Australian Grocery Academy is an initiative of the Australian Food and Grocery Council.  Its engine is a unique collaboration between industry, supplier and specialty training and leadership consultancies. The courses offered are crafted in Australia, by specialists in Australian grocery, and delivered by expert faculty who work in Australia.

Carefully designed with case studies and challenges from today’s market this is the ideal program to accelerate the development and performance of grocery’s best and brightest people and the future leaders of our industry.

The Australian Grocery Academy offers four 3-day courses, that run over a 15 month timeframe to support maximum opportunities to apply learning in the business. Each has been designed in partnership with leading Australian sales directors and educators. Delegates benefit from integrated cloud-based goal setting and feedback through the courses. In addition, delegates also have access to one on one coaching and mentoring and access to peer learning forums.

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