SCHEDULE & INVESTMENT - The Australian Grocery Academy
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Course dates:

Program Dates
Intake 1 Intake 2 Intake 3 Intake 4
1 – Insight Led Selling & Category Management Complete Complete Complete 23-25 July 2019
2 – Commercial Management Complete Complete Complete 22-24 October 2019
3 – Advanced Customer Management Complete Complete Complete 25-27 February 2020
4 – Highly Effective Personal Performance Complete Complete Complete 21-23 April 2020
Melbourne Sydney Melbourne Melbourne



Karstens Conference Centre
123 Queen Street

The Australian Grocery Academy was developed to allow companies to design the right training needs to match with their people.

Most companies opt for the full program that maximises a delegate’s accelerated development. Alternatively, companies can select the approach that best suits their needs.

As the full program spans two financial years, costs for the Full or Core program can be paid over two budgeting years.

The program investment starts from $3,444 per module and would be dependent on a number of factors such as your specific capability requirements and number of attendees from a company.  Preferred rates are also extended to members of the AFGC. Please email so we can organise a call with you to discuss this further.