FAQs - The Australian Grocery Academy
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Who Should Attend?

This program has been designed for high potential employees. It is ideal for category development managers, national account managers and national business managers. If you have questions about your candidate please contact: info@theaustraliangroceryacademy.com.au

Are All Applications accepted?

This program is designed for high performing staff. As part of the application process the Academy will ask you to confirm that applicants meet that criteria in your business.

Are Retailers attending?

No. Course content is specifically designed for a supplier audience. In the future further courses may be planned that are appropriate for a mixed retailer and supplier class.

Who is Faculty?

Real World Marketing is managing the whole program and delivering three of the four modules.  Real World Marketing bring a unique mix of best in class process and methodology and a proven ability to generate market outcomes – all delivered by former Category, Sales, Marketing and Retailer Specialists.

In addition Leadership Consultancy experts LIW are delivering the fourth Program. LIW delivers high-impact leadership programs globally to all levels of leadership, helping individuals to make personal transformations that positively impact their teams, their organisations and their clients.

These companies were selected after a rigorous selection process in 2016 conducted by the AFGC. They offered the important benefits of Australian grocery expertise, global reach and training excellence.

Are delegates assessed?

Yes. There are three assessment processes.

  1. Firstly, the delegate and sponsor at your company will get access to a cloud-based goal and learning platform that allows simple check-ins on progress to pre-determined goals. This is available through the program.
  2. Secondly, faculty will provide the delegate with a program certification at either passed or distinction level at the conclusion of Program 4. Delegates that fail to attend program content or exercises will not receive certification.
  3. Thirdly, Real World Marketing who will be delivering the program will also conduct a competency assessment before and after the program completion. This feedback will be collated and anonymized to be shared with the AFGC.
Can I send someone to just one module rather than the Four?

Yes. We recommend the full program to get maximum impact for your business and your delegate, but you can opt in to single modules at a slightly higher fee.

Are dates planned for other capital cities?

The program is expected to be run annually in Melbourne. Other locations will be dependent upon demand.

What’s the mix between “lecture and application”?

The best learning involves application and reflection. That’s why the course averages 40% lecturing to 60% activity.

Will delegates get to work on their own business issues?

Yes. This a core tenant of the program. At no time will delegates be required to share confidential company issues, but their individual work and activities will focus on their own day to day business.

Are the courses residential?

If you wish they can be. All course locations offer a residential option at very competitive prices. Accommodation is arranged directly by you.  Please note there is no requirement for delegates to be residential and no overnight group work is in the curriculum.

What are the course fees?

The Australian Grocery Academy was developed to allow companies to design the right training needs to match with their people.

Most companies opt for the full program that maximises a delegate’s accelerated development. Alternatively, companies can select the approach that best suits their needs.

As the full program spans two financial years, costs for the Full or Core program can be paid over two budgeting years.

The program investment starts from $3,444 per module and would be dependent on a number of factors such as your specific capability requirements and number of attendees from a company.  Preferred rates are also extended to members of the AFGC. Please email info@theaustraliangroceryacademy.com.au so we can organise a call with you to discuss this further.


Yes. Non AFGC attendee fees are 20% higher for all options. This saves AFGC members $4000 on the full program.

Who are my course contacts?

Contact us at info@theaustraliangroceryacademy.com.au or, alternatively, you may also reach out to our Program Manager, Sue Walsh, on 0417 461 180