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How exactly is your team doing?

By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

The times they are a-changing and there’s probably no happy ending if teams don’t change too.

So says McKinsey in an article focusing on what it takes to lead an agile transformation. They highlight the need for networks of empowered teams which attract, develop and retain dynamic, passionate people.

Easy, right? Well, it can be.

What does this mean for leadership?

Developing a star team in an evolving world relies on the ability to truly know your squad. Today, this means reliable, practical data at your fingertips. Using that data to ignite the right conversation sets you on course to thrive.

We hope, dear bleet reader, that you will indulge us when we recommend our lovely new product, Squadify*, but whatever you do, start getting metrics on your squad.

These metrics could really matter.

*Squadify, the team assessment and development tool from LIW is released on 5th June. Bleet readers will love it because, like Bleets, it’s based on the 3Cs! Watch this space for more information.

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