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Connecting the dots for Leadership Growth

Connecting the dots for leadership growth

One of the traits that differentiates great leaders from the rest is their ability to bring people and performance together; they intuitively connect the dots to create unified teams and understand that an integrated approach to leadership bolsters effectiveness and enhances overall performance.

Just as a great leader excels by maintaining an integrated approach to managing people and resources, the same could be said for the way that we approach the development of our emerging leaders and the training programs that we select.  We need to ensure that students are able to make meaningful and relevant connections with the content and that the nuances of this complex subject matter aren’t overlooked.

So how do you select a leadership development program that resonates with its audience and produces genuine ROI and business impact?

Here are four tips to keep in mind as you choose a training program for your company’s future leaders.

  1. Practical not Prose

Many leadership courses on the market today focus on the inspirational but this is too one-dimensional; leadership training programs shouldn’t just be an inspirational tract that leaves the delegates with excitement for a described future but no roadmap of how to get to where they want to go. They should teach the pillars of execution; how to develop the competencies and capabilities required to manage people, a P&L, a complex negotiation or a challenging client relationship.

  1. Relevant& Ready for Action

Leadership training programs should be specific and grounded in the relevant industry.  Material should revolve around best practice and real-life case studies, so that the content isn’t hypothetical but built on real life scenarios, which will resonate with participants.

  1. Expertise

There’s the old adage that those who can’t, teach, and this couldn’t be further than the truth here. Instructors should be SMEs and thought leaders who have walked the talk, can add value through experience, can articulate wins and losses and have spent valuable time at the proverbial coal face.  When looking to develop a group of high potentials and emerging leaders, it is imperative that the tutors – and not just the content – inspire and engage your best people in order to create even stronger outcomes.

  1. Integrated

An integrated approach to teaching supports that when themes are combined, students are able to make meaningful and relevant connections between the different disciplines and enjoy a more profound learning experience. In the case of leadership, the modules should cover core capability and competency clusters which combined will give the student his or her development plan and an all-encompassing roadmap for career success.

The Australian Grocery Academy: Accelerating the capability of FMCG Professionals

If this resonates with you and you’re a FMCG leader looking to develop the competencies and capabilities of your future leadership cohort then look no further.  The Australian Grocery Academy is a contemporary development program created by FMCG specialists for FMCG professionals and helps the best and brightest talent from sales, category, marketing and commercial to accelerate their performance and succeed today and into the future.

Your business and people can expect practical and outcome focused programs that are designed to integrate with individual role requirements and made relevant through case studies and real-life scenarios so that delegates are putting theory into practice from day one. Designed with real FMCG case studies and the latest Australian and global insights and practices, the Australian Grocery Academy program is broken down into four core areas – Insight Based Category Management, Commercial Management, Advanced Customer Management & Negotiation and Highly Effective Personal Performance – and delivered by industry specialists, so that by the time you have completed all modules, the delegates will have everything that they need to take their first step to leadership.

If you would like to find out more about this industry first, learning experience, and to help your emerging leaders join their leadership dots, contact us on