Program Ambassadors - The Australian Grocery Academy
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Program Ambassadors

Program Ambassadors

We are delighted to have some of our 2017 graduates joining us as Program Ambassadors. They have actually completed all 4 modules so can provide feedback from their own real life experience and demonstrate how they have been able to use what they learnt in their real life roles.

Katherine Twomey, Category Activation Lead, PEPSICO

David Mantellini, Revenue Management Lead, PEPSICO

Glenn Connors
Glenn Connors, National Account Manager, Woolworths, Mondelez (AGA 2017 attendee)

Glenn is happy for you to contact him on 0439 071 321

The AGA was a great experience, allowing me to connect and grow with like-minded people from other FMCG organisations in Australia.  I really enjoyed having expert facilitators sharing their thoughts and experiences with us and allowing us to develop a consistent, outcome-based approach to everything we do. Each module was designed with an end goal in mind, and through collaboration with the other participants, it was a great experience to step away from my normal thinking habits and be taught new ways of working. I truly believe each of the courses were able to unlock a core set of principles which have subsequently helped me in my relationships with my customers, allowing me to talk their language, work closer with them and develop and execute common goals.