Joint Business Plan - The Australian Grocery Academy
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Joint Business Plan

Commencing on 16th March 2022

Build an understanding of how to develop and execute a best in class Joint Business Plan.

Joint Business Plan


1. Understand the changing retail landscape, the feedback from the advantage survey and what this means for consumer goods suppliers – what are the expectations & needs from Manufacturers.
2. Understand the need for a joint value creation approach & what this entails – to be able to develop a bold and ambitious agenda.
3. Be able to align Strategically with Retailers and identify what is most important in a JBP (key issues & priorities) vs cycling activities.
4. Understand how to create a great JBP that connects and executes Category Strategies & opportunities.
5. Understand how to engage & sell the JBP.
6. Understand how to track, measure & review the JBP.

Relevant and Ready for Action

The Australian Grocery Academy programs have been designed specifically for FMCG, with real FMCG case studies and the latest Australian and global insights and practices.


3 x 2.5 hour virtual sessions to be delivered in consecutive weeks

  • SESSION 1 & 2

    Understand how to track, measure & review the JBP


    How to understand & align objectives.

    How to analyze performance to identify the key issues and opportunities the plan should unlock.

    Understand the elements of a best in class JBP and review the elements that will have the greatest impact for your business.

    How to adapt the JBP framework depending on the size and opportunity for your business.


    Understand how to engage, sell & execute the JBP


    Understand how to engage & sell the JBP.

    Understand how to involve your whole business in the JBP delivery.

    Understand how to execute, measure & review.