Program 2: Agenda - The Australian Grocery Academy
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Commercial Management. Detailed Agenda

Day 1

Program OverviewUnderstand how value is created and lost between retailers and suppliers and the need for strong commercial and revenue management to achieve sustainable commercial outcomes – delivered via JBPs

 3 x Pre Reads – White papers created for the Program:

  1. The Retail Landscape & implications for Suppliers / 2. Life as a retailer. Insights into the life of an fmcg buyer. 3. Commercial Management Overview for fmcg

 Program Overview: The Next 3 Days

Introductions & Personal Objectives

Program 1 Recap – Presentation from Program 1 Delegates: How to create a Growth Plan.

Course overview   – Know how to utilise a broad range of category, consumer, shopper & commercial insights to proactively identify and capitalise upon the category levers for joint growth

Understanding retailers & theirStrategiesRetailer – Supplier Commercial Dynamics

Understand the retailer – supplier interface, strategies & KPIs

Retail Landscape Whitepaper (pre read) Group discussion & individual reflection.

Life as a Buyer Whitepaper (pre read) Group discussion & individual reflection.

Exercise – How to engage and add value to your buyer.

Understanding Your Customer: Strategies, Initiatives, Metrics & KPIs. Gain a detailed understanding of retailer, their priorities & KPIs

Show examples of retailer strategy approaches and winning strategies in fmcg markets globally and different consumer goods sectors in Aus. Link to Category role

Group discussion & individual reflection

Retailer KPIs. Share examples of retailer KPIs. E.g. Comp Sales, Margin explained, return on space, GIMROI., Inventory, OOS, markdowns etc.

Customer Segmentation, Prioritisation & Strategy alignment: Segmenting & prioritising your customers. Aligning your strategy with theirs.

Case Study Exercise

Selecting Your Customer Investment Strategy. Ensuring you have a coherent approach to Customer Investment. Does your trade fund strategy reflect your strategic intent? Case Study Exercise.

Review of day… key points.


Day 2

AMRecapRecap of key points from Day 1. Questions.
Customer Segmentation & Prioritisation

Explain and understand the importance of a prioritisation approach to customer management and the role it plays define your growth agenda.
Discussion of marketplace scenarios.

Revenue Management. What is Rev management and why is it a key component of effective commercial management.
Marketplace examples discussion. 
Revenue Management and where it sits within effective joint business planning. 
How Revenue Management is used to drive greater ROI on trade spend with a focus on Promotion Spend.
Understand how effective revenue management can be used to deliver Category, Customer and Supplier agendas. 
Case Study examples to practice with.

Day 3

AMRecapRecap of key points from Days 1 & 2. Questions.
Case StudyCase Study Presentations. Recommendations & Rationale
AMJoint Business Plan Development & EngagementCommercial Joint Business Plans

Understand how to integrate Category & Commercial propositions and opportunities into a Customer Business Plan

Joint Business Plans

Understand the components of Joint Business Plans, what best practice is and retailer and supplier needs in JBPs

  • Role and objectives of JBPs
  • Internal & customer requirements
  • Examples of Retailer JBP frameworks
  • One plan: a growth and profit roadmap
  • Benefits of stretch plans & contingencies
  • What makes a compelling commercial proposition?
  • Executing the JBP – project management & Execution focus. MBRs / QBRs / T2Ts

Case Study Exercise  – create a Customer specific Joint Business Plan. Debrief & feedback

 JBP Engagement & Selling. Creating, Selling & executing the JBP. Linking to retailer strategies and needs. Compelling selling & story telling

 JBP Selling role play & feedback.

Summary of Key points

Personal Action Plans