Tour de Force - The Australian Grocery Academy
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Tour de Force

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW

Sometimes you simply have to put your head down and push hard up hill to get things done.

Helen Bridgman is doing just that by cycling the route of the Tour de France – 3,360 kilometres – as part of the 10 women ‘InternationElles’ team. She is aiming to highlight the current lack of a women’s race and it’s having an almost immediate impression on the Tour organisers, Amaury Sport Organisation. “Women cyclists need a race which is to them what the Tour de France is to the men and we need to find a solution for that.”

What does this mean for leadership?

Actions speak much louder than words and your leadership example can blaze a trail for others. It takes courage, but when principles are at stake, it’s an all-important leadership ‘tour de force.’


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