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There’s a new S in team

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW

In the 1960’s the rallying cry ‘there’s no ‘i’ in team’ galvanised people to make the most of their collective talents. Fifty years on, the shine has definitely come off this powerful unit.

Pace, remote working and ubiquitous technology have morphed the view of ourselves and the people we work with. Teams are often not teams but groups of people reporting to the same person or getting together to take individual actions. They often meet formally and communicate relatively infrequently.

What does this mean for leadership?

It’s time for a refresh – time to put the ‘s’ back into teams!

Squad – a small group fully engaged and high performing in a common effort or occupation.

From every corner of every industry they’re waiting to come together, to get the important things done.

We are delighted to honour a very special squad in this week’s bleet. LIW and Endo Pharmaceuticals have won the EFMD Gold Award for Executive Development for a project focused on building a high performing squad. Regular assessments of the Executive Leadership Team informed the development that they went through together. The business results show what a committed and learning squad this is. 

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