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Special bleet: Latest leadership research

By Juliet Hammond, LIW Business Impact Consultant

HBR researchers say that perfectionism does not drive performance so make peace with imperfection and get stuff done…Dan Rockwell concurs, reminding us to slow down in order to speed up. When work gets out of control, own your schedule, and in a crisis acknowledge the situation, diffuse tension, build consensus and focus.  Agility however, DOES drive performance but not enough businesses are making the move.  EI is increasingly important in dealing with AI – leaders need to show gratitude and recognise others to drive productivity. Women are key to successful digital recruitment – look inside your organisation as well as out – you’ll be surprised to find talent everywhere!

What does this mean for leadership?

Leaders keep themselves and their teams up to date on the latest thinking so click here for links to all the research highlighted above!

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