Agenda 3 - The Australian Grocery Academy
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3-day Agenda: Advanced Customer Management

Module OutlineLearning Outcomes
Customer Centricity

  • Understand how to build customer centricity within your business
  • Understand the B2B relationship and how to influence, align and leverage cross functional capability
  • Explain the benefits of Customer centricity and how to build this within the business
  • Understand the opportunities for cross functional teams to enable & support the JBP and work with customer teams on key plan components
Advanced Customer Management

  • Understand the key skills and capabilities needed
  • Executional excellence – how to keep focussed on the critical initiatives
  • Understand what capabilities customers value and why
  • Be able to benchmark capability
  • Project Management – understand how to manage complex projects through to execution
Commercial Selling & Communication effectiveness

  • Understand the difference between selling and negotiating in high value relationships
  • Understand how to engage & sell better
  • Improve your communication skills – styles, listening, questioning, summarizing
  • Improve your presentation skills – greater impact
  • Understand communication preferences and how to tailor approaches to your customer
  • Ability to articulate the difference between commercial selling and negotiation and the role of each
  • Improved communication skills – better ability to ask open questions & probe, actively listen, reframe and summarize
  • Ability to prepare and ask great questions
  • Demonstrate improved presentation skills through humour, story telling and better use of structure
  • Understand personal communication styles (HBDI) and preferences, be able to determine preferences of others and be able to tailor approach for greatest effectiveness
Module OutlineLearning Outcomes

  • A holistic approach to Negotiation – one focus on growth, profitability and delivering to the needs of shoppers
  • Negotiation Overview – dynamics, positioning, tactics & psychology, approaches & tools, creating & valuing variables, balance of power, risk mitigation.
  • Be able to pro actively identify Negotiation opportunities
  • Ability to develop and delver a SCO – Single Communication Objective.
  • Ability to articulate retailers and buyers objectives and KPIs
  • Ability to set clear Objectives & Positions and be able to identify and slice & dice tradeable / variables
  • Ability to identify risks and plan for mitigation
  • An understanding of the common Negotiation Tactics, when used and how to respond.
  • Ability to asses and leverage Balance of Power: Identifying relative strengths and weaknesses in the relationship.
Module OutlineLearning Outcomes
Negotiating the things that matter

  • Understand the critical negotiations you are likely to encounter and how to connect back to the right plan for customers and both businesses
  • Understand why and how retailers focus on the key negotiation opportunities
  • Have a deeper understanding on how to prepare for and negotiate around pricing, promotions, trade investment, range reviews, simplification and npd
Negotiation Role Play

  • Prepare to sell a major initiative to a customer – develop & sell the plan & receive Retailer feedback
  • Prepare for the subsequent Negation to achieve the key elements of the plan
  • Negotiation role play and extensive feedback
  • Improve capability and confidence in selling a major commercial imitative to a customer – linking back to the retailers needs and KPIs and the category opportunity
  • Practice in being able to work through a sequenced Negotiation via a series of interactions, with feedback.