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A hand up? Show me the data

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW

Assistance comes in many forms for team members. This week, a moment was captured when an orangutan offered a hand to a man clearing snakes from a river.

However, the man in question knew a useful fact: orangutans can be unpredictable. He used that data point and chose a different route out.

What does this mean for leadership?

Teams are pressured to achieve an outcome but often lack the data to create the conditions for their success. How can you know what you really want, if you don’t know – factually – what you need?

In today’s high spin world, that data needs to be clear, actionable and intelligent. Importantly it needs to be available for all members of the team.

After all, everyone is entitled to a hand up.

This week’s bleet is posted from Learning Technologies 2020. where we are exhibiting Squadify to the Leadership Technology world and talking about the crucial role of team performance in order to achieve organisational success.  Check it out!


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